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Tide Optics Variable ND Lens Filter (ND2 - ND400) Neutral Density

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BETTER PHOTOS & VIDEO ➊ Perfect for shooting long exposure, clouds, oceans & rivers, waterfalls, landscapes, light trails, creative portraits & so much more.

DURABLE & PROFESSIONAL ➋ 18-layer nano-coated Japanese glass encased in a robust Aluminium Alloy Frame. Anti-reflection technology & easy to clean NDX.

TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED ➌ Sleek & minimal design to make for an easy travel companion. Laser-etched markings eliminate guessing light intake during run-and-gun shoots.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ➍ 2-year warranty on the Tide Optics Variable ND Lens Filter so you can purchase with full peace of mind. TIDE products are proudly designed in the UK and inspired by our world's oceans.

KNOW YOUR LENS SIZE ‘ø’ ➎ Prevent buying the wrong size filter and verify your lens thread size before purchase. Your lens thread size is marked with the symbol “ø” e.g ø77mm.

Instantly control the amount of light entering your lens with the Tide Optics Variable ND Lens Filter. Shoot at increased exposure times & increased apertures without your image being overexposed. A unique and versatile tool, preventing you from having to carry several ND filters in your bag. Fast to attach, small & lightweight. 

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