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Tide Optics PRO Variable ND Filter (ND2 - ND32) Neutral Density Lens Filter

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  • TAKE BETTER PHOTO & VIDEO ➊ Control light entering the lens with this variable ND to create unique effects. Maintain slow shutter speed in harsh sunlight, achieve neutral colour balance and reduce unwanted lens flare. Perfect for shooting long exposure, clouds, oceans & rivers, waterfalls, landscapes, light trails, creative portraits & so much more. An essential creative tool for both photography & videography.
  • DURABLE & PROFESSIONAL VARIABLE ND FILTER ➋ 18-layer nano-coated Japanese glass encased in a robust aluminium alloy frame. Anti-reflection technology & easy to clean NDX. Easily switch from ND2 to ND32 using the laser-etched markings to reduce light intake (1 to 5 f-stops) and maintain even colour balance. Designed with a wide outer ring to eliminate vignetting and maintain the integrity of the camera image.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY CASE INCLUDED ➌ Sleek & minimal design to make for an easy travel companion. Laser-etched markings on the rim of the neutral density filter eliminate guessing light intake during run-and-gun shoots. Using this variable ND filter eliminates buying & carrying around multiple fixed ND filters, giving you more time & freedom to fully focus on creating & shooting beautiful and unique photos & videos.
  • UK DESIGN | BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ➍ This ND filter comes with a 2-year warranty and free returns so that you can purchase with full peace of mind. All Tide Optics products are proudly designed in the UK and inspired by our planet’s oceans. Every product purchased helps us protect & save these oceans as Tide Optics proudly donates a % from each purchase to an ocean charity.
  • KNOW YOUR LENS SIZE ‘ø’ ➎ Prevent buying the wrong size filter and verify your lens thread size before your purchase. Your camera lens thread size is marked with the diameter symbol “ø” e.g ø77mm. Compatible with lenses from Sony, Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Leica, Fuji, Tamron, Samyang & many more! This filter is fast & simple to attach, small & lightweight. All it requires for use is your camera & lens.

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