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Tide Optics CineStar 6 Point Star Camera Lens Filter - Cross Screen Starburst Effect

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  • STUNNING EFFECT ➊ Our Star Filter creates captivating 6-point starbursts from bright, close light sources, enhancing your images with a unique and mesmerizing visual allure.
  • QUALITY BUILD ➋ Crafted with Japanese AGC optical glass and an 8-layer nano-coating, our Star Filters guarantee superior sharpness, added protection, and easy cleaning for consistently high-quality shots.
  • EASY TO USE ➌ Witness the magic as our filter transforms ordinary light into radiant stars, particularly effective with strong, close, and partially obscured light sources like the sun through tree canopies.
  • PLEASE READ ➎ Please purchase the correct filter size, your lens thread size is marked with a diameter symbol “ø” e.g ø77mm. Available in various sizes.
  • BONUS PROTECTION ➎ Not just for creativity, our Star Filters also provide extra protection for your lens, ensuring your gear stays safe while you capture stunning starburst effects.