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Tide Optics PRO Black CineSoft Lens Filter - Diffusion Mist Pro Dream Effect

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  • PRO BLACK SOFT ➊ Mist / Soft image without affecting contrast of the blacks & shadows. Capture soft, film-like images & video straight out of the camera.
  • UNIQUE STYLE ➋ Take the crisp digital edge off your shots. Creates a dreamy pastel-like unique effect, making a unique image/video
  • LIGHT DIFFUSION ➌ Softens & blooms the image highlights. Softens & blooms a wide range of light sources, from very dark to harsh direct sunlight.
  • CLEAR BLEMISHES ➍ Smooths and softens any blemishes, wrinkles, or imperfections in the subject's skin, as well as adding a dream-like glow.
  • PLEASE READ ➎ Buy the correct size, your lens thread size is marked with a diameter symbol “ø” e.g ø77mm. 1% of the purchase is donated to ocean charity.