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Tide Optics CinePrism Linear Prism Filter - Prism Camera Lens Threaded Filter

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  • STUNNING EFFECT ➊ Create an amazing and unique multiple subject replication effect with the Tide Optics Linear Prism filter. Works perfectly for both photo and video.
  • QUALITY BUILD ➋ Crafted with optical grade glass and a robust aluminium frame to give you peace of mind when shooting. All this without compromising on image quality.
  • EASY TO USE ➌ Simply thread / screw this filter on to the end of your lens. Using a step-up-ring enables this filter to be used with smaller sized lenses (37mm - 82mm).
  • POUCH INCLUDED ➍ Enjoy a handy filter pouch with every purchase, preventing scratches and damage. 1% of all Tide Optics purchases are donated to an ocean charity.
  • PLEASE READ ➎ Please purchase the correct filter size, your lens thread size is marked with a diameter symbol “ø” e.g ø77mm. Available in various sizes.