Tide Optics ND2-400 Variable ND Review - Sam Holland

'I wanted a second ND filter for a B camera but didn't want to break the bank. I found Tide Optic's VND filter and thought i'd give it a go. The results are amazing and I'm so impressed by the quality for the price. Not to mention, Tide Optics also donate a portion of the sale to an ocean charity.

You can safely get to arounf 75% of the VND without getting the X. This test was on my wide angle 15-35mm lens at 2.8. I didn't notice much vignetting so that is ok. For this price, you can't complain. Thank you Tide Optics.'

Thanks to Sam Holland for reviewing the Tide Optics Variable ND filter 2-400. Sam also made an in depth comparison Youtube video:

 Variable nd filter